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Installment Loans

General FAQs

  • What does your company do?

    ExpressCredit.co.bw offers affordable financial solutions that can be accessed online, through mobile applications and in our branch network.

  • Do you give loans to business people?

    Unfortunately our target market is those who are in employment. This is because our loans are unsecured and our administrative and recovery procedures are designed for this purpose.

  • I live in a different location from your branches, how can I access your services?

    Unfortunately you would have to reside in or around a city with one of our offices for us to provide a loan to you. This is because our administrative and recovery procedures are designed with this in mind.

  • What are your working hours?

    We are open Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 18:00 and on Saturdays from 08:00 to 13:00.

  • I do not have one of the required documents, can you make an exception?

    Unfortunately, as our loans are unsecured, we require all the documents as set out.

  • How long does it take to process the loan?

    If you have everything in place, we aim to approve your loan within 15 minutes.

  • How do you run a business on interest-free loans?

    We do not typically lend without interest, we are offering a limited promotion to first time customers only.


    Duration of campaign is 12 weeks (29.07.2019-18.10.2019).
    2. Campaign prizes are 12 smartphones (Samsung J4), 3 cows (or equivalent money prize) and 1 new car - Kia Picanto!
    3. To participate campaign participant must apply for a loan, qualify and get the loan.

    4. There will be weekly prizes (one Samsung J4 draw every week) and gala prizes with final draw. Weekly draw will take place every Monday at 15:00 on Facebook page from Express Credit Botswana head office via livestream.
    5. To participate for weekly draw participant needs to apply, qualify and get a loan in period from Monday till Saturday of last week and participant cannot have any overdue loans (delays) in the day of draw. Participants cannot apply for weekly prize more than one time.

    6. Participants for gala prizes (Cows and a Car) are those who applied, qualified and got a loan in period from campaign starts until the end date and participant cannot have any overdue loans (delays) in the day of draw.

    7. Participants who already won any weekly prizes can also participate in gala prizes draw. Gala draw will be livestreamed on Saturday (26.10.2019) at 15:00 on Facebook from Express Credit Botswana head office (the location of gala draw might be changed. In case of any change specific place will be announced on the Facebook page a week before).

    8. Winner of cow draws can take cash instead of cow (equivalents of cow prize). Winners cannot claim money equivalents of car prize and phone prize. Car will be branded and agreement between parties will be signed about not removing branding for 12 months.

    9. Names of winners will be published on our webpage and our Facebook page weekly after each draw.